Tim Welvaars: your personalmusic trainer
Tim Welvaars: your personal music trainer
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With the ABCD for Bluesharp you learn to improvise over simple blues progressions

With the ABCD for Bluesharp you learn to improvise over simple blues progressions

Ideal for beginners, also interesting for the advanced

Become a better bluesharp player with these 10 originals, progressing in Level

Playing the bluesharp sounds simple, and that's just what it is! The ABCD for Bluesharp is THE effective way to get started with your bluesharp, with quick resounding results.

The ‘ABCD for Bluesharp contains 10 songs, composed by Tim. They are progressing in Level so you gradually increase your ability to play your instrument. On each backing track you hear Tim first play the melody after which you play the same melody yourself, along with the background music.
You play it by ear or you can read the sheet music.

The first 8 tunes/backing tracks have a slow and fast version. So you can choose your own tempo to play the melody. The last 2 tunes/backing tracks are in only one tempo. In total you receive 18 backing tracks as MP3 files. And a PDF file of 18 pages with the sheet music, some music theory and practical tips to play the bluesharp.

All 18 backing tracks you receive as mp3 files to easily play on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. So you can practice the lessons anywhere, at your own pace.

Enjoy this course!

ATTENTION: for this ABCD Course you need a bluesharp in Eb tuning.


In the ABCD for Bluesharp Tim will discuss following subjects:

  • How to hold your bluesharp?
  • Which hole produces which tone?
  • How to put your lips correctly on the bluesharp?
  • How to breath correctly?
  • How to bend a note, or produce different effects (vibrato, glissando etc)?
  • How to create a nice tone and play in tune?
  • General music theory: like rhythmic and melodic notation
  • Theory specified for bluesharp.

Tim Welvaars about the ABCD for Bluesharp