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Tim Welvaars: your personal music trainer
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Did you buy Tim's Tiny Tunes tunes/lessons? These Backing tracks will make practising these tunes a lot easier and more fun.

On this page you find the Backing tracks of Level 1, 2, 3 and 4. Plus the Slow Backing Tracks of Level 1 and 2.
A Backing track is the musical part that provides the background for the melody (i.e. the tune) just how Tim uses it in the Tim's Tiny Tunes videos. For the Level 1 and 2 lessons the Backing tracks are also available in a slow version: the same music, but played in a slower tempo.

Each (Slow) Backing track contains 2 parts. In the first part Tim plays the melody for you, accompanied by the background music. In the second part you only hear the accompanying music, so you will be able to play the melody along with it, on your own instrument.

In all videos you see Tim play the tune/lesson on a chromatic harmonica. But of course you can play your own instrument, instead of the harmonica. The sheet music of all lessons is written in C, Eb and Bb, so it can be played on most keyboards, wind, string and melodic percussion instruments. Click here for the list of instruments. Click hier for more info on the 4 Levels.

  • You receive all Backing tracks of your chosen product digitally as MP3 files.

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